How to Write a Successful Book Review

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First of all let us define what actually a book review is and how it differs from a book report. Book review is a critical analysis and quality assessment of a book which mainly focuses on revealing its strong and weak points. Book review usually evaluates how the author managed to convey his/her ideas, which artistic devices are used and whether they were successfully applied. It does not include retelling or plot description.
If you are assigned to write a book review and you want to complete the task as well as possible, so it won't need any further editing, you should follow certain rules and stick to a definite text structure. Here are a few very useful tips on how to create a successful book review.

1.Gather as much information as possible, before reading

Author’s life circumstances and events definitely influence his way of thinking and thus his writing style, topics of preference and characters selection. Being familiar with author’s biography you will be able to have a better insight into the book and understand his/her points of view. Besides, it is of paramount importance to know the period in which he/she wrote the book and prevailing literary school at that time. If it belongs to, let’s take postmodernism, you should find out as much information about this literary school as possible to be able to trace and analyze its features in the work.

2. Underline artistic devices, while reading

In the reading process take heed of author’s language style. Notice how style affects a reader and how it helps convey ideas, images and events. Look for several examples of metaphors, allegories, rhetorical questions, irony, etc to demonstrate the impact they make in the text.

3.Profoundly analyze book characters, key ideas and dominant motifs

Point out major characters and review their role in the book. Do you find them appealing? What are their attractive and repellant traits? Also try to describe what impression these characters have on a reader. The same is referred to the key ideas and dominant motifs of the book. Make an attempt to show the message author wanted to convey to the readers.

4. Size requirements and evaluative style

Book review usually consists of 500-800 words. Try not to exceed this amount. It is not possible to cover every single character and all the artistic devices present in the book. Try to capture only the main points and give your personal view on them. Remember that your purpose is not just to describe and inform readers about the book content but also to evaluate and share your own vision. It is a nice idea to compare a book with other books of the same author or his contemporaries. Analyze if the book is reachable and clear for any kind of audience or it may be rather sophisticated for a certain category of readers.

5.Make your book review well-structured

Your book review should comprise at least 3 major parts. Start with Introduction and express your general impression of the book. In the second part focus on details. Touch upon the main characters, author’s writing style, dominant motifs and literary school features. And in the final part summarize and make a conclusion. Strictly follow this structure while composing your book overview and you will get a logically correct text.

6.Revise and double check your composition

Make sure that all the author’s names, names of literary schools and artistic devices are spelled correctly. Pass over your book overview to a friend or a close person to evaluate and give some advices.