Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy regulates the behavior of our company and you in issues that are related services, which we provide. In accordance with this document you enter into legal relationships with us, and you and our company have rights and obligations determined by Private Policy.

As soon as you browse our website or place an order you are bound to this document. If you disagree with any aspects below, please do not cooperate with us.

We recommend you look through the information below. For convenience, our services are mentioned as "website" in this document, and any person that browse our website is mentioned as "you".

Privacy Policy

Unless you want to enter in business relationships with our company, we recommend you to exit it immediately. If you do not have sufficient consent to do abovementioned, your exploration of our website is considered to be unlawful. This Privacy Policy is applied to you during the whole process of usage of our website.

General Provisions

The aim of company is to give our clients services of high quality, and we need to collect your personal data for successful cooperation and communication. We also collect certain data about your actions on our website for improvement of services.

As a side of this agreement, you is obliged to give only relevant and verified information about yourself. Your personal data given to us is considered to be legal and given only with your acknowledgement.

You should give all the data personally, but we may get it without your explicit consent.

You give us your personal information once you:

  • Fill in an order form;
  • Identify your personality;
  • Communicate with us in any way.

We also get data about:

  • Your activity on the website;
  • Your transactions;
  • Usage of cookies.

As soon as you place an order with our company, we have a legal right to collect the inforation about your credit card, phone number, email and national ID.

We need your email address to inform you about the most important stages of the writing process and give you all needed details about payment ad delivery. In addition to that, if you agree to submit an order, you give your agreement to receive informative emails about news of our service, discounts and changes in the order system.

You will also be asked to send the copy of your passport (or national ID) for us to verify the bank transfer. We will also need certain data about your credit card: first and last name and 4 last figures of the card number.


We use cookies on our website for better user experience. Thus, you should allow then in your web browser.


We are glad to keep our clients informed, and our customer support team will answer all the questions and help to solve any problems, concerning an order, writing process, payment, and delivery.

We want to keep our clients satisfied and give them an opportunity to revise their personal information with the access request to our customer support.

Final Provisions

We use SSL-certification to provide our clients with the secure and confidential usage of our service. Any information under this document is considered to be read within 24 hours from the time of sending.

This document may undergo legal changes on our request without any warning of the second party. The electronic version of this agreement has the same legal force as if it was signed in ink.

You can use any means of communication to stay in touch with our service, but it should be done in English language only.