Money Back Guarantee

We give our clients possibility to get their money back. We make a refund only if the payment was officially done and all the rules are observed. Keep reading for more detailed information.

Type of Refund

100% refund:

  • There was a mistake in payment process: either double payment or identical orders. You should inform us about an error as soon as possible. You will get your money back only if writer has not been assigned yet;
  • Sometimes, we cannot find a suitable writer for you. If it is your case, we will contact you and give your money back;
  • Assigned writer missed a deadline, and the order is no longer relevant for you. In such a case, you will not get any text, and you can not use any material, which has been sent to you before.

70% refund:

  • In case you want to cancel an order and less the half of the time till deadline has passed. Why only 70%? That is because the assigned writer should get a compensation for spent time and efforts.

50% refund:

  • We cannot revise your order because all writers are assigned;
  • More than 50% of time till the deadline has passed, and the writer has been assigned.

If you get your money back, you have no intellectual rights on received text or materials related to the order. In the case of revision, 100% refund cannot be demanded, because you approve the majority of the text, and want to make only minor adjustments.

Cases, in which refund is not applied to the order:

  • VAT;
  • Credit money;
  • If our Quality Assurance Department considers your requirements to be met and instructions satisfied;
  • If requirements of Privacy Policy were not met;
  • If the discount was used;
  • If extra services, such as proofreading, formatting, plagiarism check, tables of content were used;
  • If you have already pressed "satisfy" button;
  • If you order assignments, which require answers, such as Multiple Choice or Problem Solving essays. Such assignments are considered to be automatically approved. The refund is possible if the writer scored less the half right answers.