Try These Unusual Ways to Educate Yourself

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Top 10 Educational YouTube Channels

When we hear the word "education", we usually imagine dull studies at school or university, boring teachers, a lot of written assignments and tons of homework. Just one this word makes us feel sick, so what can we say about the real action - receiving an education?

Well, it’s always nice to look for ways to motivate ourselves to learn in everyday life. Have you heard about educational YouTube channels? This is one of the most exciting and effective methods to gain knowledge and improve your potential skills.

The Benefits of Using YouTube as a Learning Tool

Even the opponents of online learning would not resist using these educational YouTube channels by students and teachers. Below, we provide a list of pros of using YouTube channels for education:

  • YouTube videos are a completely new and unique way for self-development.
  • This form of training allows the student to choose interesting content and learn at any comfortable time.
  • Videos are themselves a convenient form of memorizing the right material.
  • Educational YouTube videos are far more useful when it comes to complex or technical topics.
  • YouTube is a huge database of information on various topics, which allows the student to learn as much material as possible.
  • Learning through videos on YouTube helps develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • On YouTube, you can download videos and watch them offline whenever you like.
  • The biggest benefit for teachers is that they can reach and teach students from all parts of the world.

Now that you’re introduced to the advantages of learning on YouTube, we give you the 10 best educational YouTube channels available.

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Channel

Massachusetts Institute of Technology is often ranked first as the most prestigious university in the world. So many students dream of getting an education there, because the degree provides a lot of career opportunities. But for those whose dreams won’t ever come true, there is a great opportunity to learn new skills using a Massachusetts Institute of Technology channel. This institute has accumulated a lot of educational and exciting videos on any subject, so you should certainly try it.

2. The University of California, Berkeley

Just like their biggest educational competitor above, the University of California is one of the most popular student destinations in the US. Obviously, this institution has a valuable YouTube channel for students and teachers. The subject of their videos covers every field of education, which makes it universal and very practical. Remember that you do not need to pay for these videos since all the materials are given public access.

3. TechnoBuffalo

If you’re into electronics, TechnoBuffalo is one of the best educational tools for you. This YouTube channel is dedicated to reviewing gadgets, technologies and innovations, which is already appealing especially for the boys. So subscribe to this channel to receive notifications of new reviews of the latest products.

4. ASAP Science

Along with the TechnoBuffalo, the ASAP Science is a well-known YouTube channel related to scientific issues. It is an effective way to immerse oneself in science, namely to learn about the influence of science on the human life, as well as its main laws, and to clarify important truths and concepts.

5. Sick Science

Sick Science is a highly recommended YouTube channel for those who enjoy scientific experiments. Don’t worry, the Sick Science’s videos are explained in detail and most of them are safe so you definitely can try some of them at home.

6. BBC Earth

And how can you do without BBC Earth, one of the most popular television channels around the globe? Have you ever heard that those guys have their own educational YouTube channel? Whatever your answer is, we recommend you to watch some videos related to research, natural history or nature.

7. Veritasium

With such a YouTube channel as Veritasium, you are able to understand the most difficult issues with simple and captivating videos. In addition, this educational channel cooperates with major brands, which has a very positive effect on the quality of content.

8. SmarterEveryday

Another well-known educational channel among the modern students is SmarterEveryday. Having an audience of more than 3 million subscribers, this YouTube channel helps people from all over the world study science and understand the basics of life.

9. The Game Theorists

If you are interested in video games, namely the process of creating them, you definitely should go and visit The Game Theorists. This particular educational YouTube channel will take you to the world of video game animation.

10. Speak English with Misterduncan

If you need to learn English as a second language, or simply improve your language fluency, you should subscribe to the Speak English with Misterduncan channel. Those videos contain all useful information you need to know when trying to learn a new language (for instance, dialects, idioms, grammar, punctuation, etc.).