Get aware of the recommendations on successful thank-you notes

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Writing thank-you emails is an essential skill which will certainly help in your career prospects. Nowadays in the era of technologies and emails, writing “thank-you notes” may seem strange and unnecessary, but this is not this way. If your career depends on such notes, you will do your best to make everything smoothly.

Completing correct, checked with appropriate words of gratitude notes is a good way to show your good behavior and competence. With the help of it you are able to show your professionalism and good skills.

You should be qualified both in academic work and art, as you should follow all the rules needed and it`s impossible to create a good note without creativity and talent.


We offer you to check useful tips on how to create unique and influential thank-you note.

Emails are your good friends!

While speaking about thank-you notes, you imagine them to handwritten. But sometimes it can take much time your note to be received before the hiring decision is made. So it`s quite convenient and easy to send thank-you notes via email.

You can also choose even more comfortable way – Paperless Post. Sending thank-you notes via this, you get the good design and quickness. Paperless Posts include 2 types of notes, the first one is a classic one and the second is personalized stationery. Frankly speaking, the last one is much better as it reminds the interviews your name. Actually it doesn`t take much time and effort to change the email into handwritten note and create own design. It will cost you about one dollar.

The structure of a successful thank-you note

It's wide-known that it`s possible to choose the most appropriate thank-you note and insert your name. But what if any other candidate will choose the same note? The recruiter will definitely know that you didn`t written it yourself. So the authenticity is the key to your success.

Your note should be clear and understandable, each sentence is to contain an important message and to be of specific aim. Your note should be two or three paragraphs. We don`t give you the ready-made sample but share the useful tips which will help you create a thank-you note of your own and which also might help with essay writing:

The beginning

First of all, think about your rapport with an interviewer and you relations. Sometimes it can be rather difficult to choose the appropriate phrase to start the note. Writing “Dear Mary” can seem to formal, and if you write “Hi”, “Hello” it can seem too informal for some. So in this case when you feel not sure, the best way to write the greeting is to mention an interviewer`s name and a comma.


For example, “Alice, “

And right after start with appropriate words.

For example, “Thank you for meeting with me yesterday.”

To seem more lovely and friendly, you can mention some words about the interviewer and the company before you start writing about yourself.

For example, “I appreciate the conversation we had yesterday, thank you for showing me the main prospects of your company work.”

Or if the conversation was in less formal style, then you just write:

“I was glad to communicate with you tomorrow!”

The middle

Move forward with some specifications, remember the details you discussed during the interview and pick the most important one.

For example, “I enjoyed talking with you about the team building in your company!”

If your relation were not so warm, then you can write:

“It was great to talk about personal qualities with you, didn`t know there are people who are like me.”

And now you can tell a few words about you, you can tell why you are important for the company, you can also share your thoughts and ideas on the questions which were discussed during the meeting.

I`m easy-going and communicative person, I have basic knowledge of communication techniques, so I can be a good candidate for the position of a manager.

The End

Thank them once again.

For example, “Thank you for giving me a chance to have a conversation with you!”

If you really want to get this position, then tell them.

“I would be happy to join the professional team of managers of your company. I`m looking forward to hearing from you!”

Sign-off simply.



General rules of thank-you notes writing

Before clicking on “SEND” look through the note, check the mistakes and make sure everything is according to general rules. Here are some tips to miss the biggest mistakes:

  1. Send a note within 24 hours

You should be punctual if talking about the meeting visit and note sending. So send the email as soon as possible to show your great interest in the position.

  1. Match the formality of an employer

Choose the most appropriate words which suit formal or informal style. Be attentive as most of workers wear suits in the office, then you should be formal.

  1. Make sure it`s your note

It`s very important to mention specific facts which you talked about during the interview. This will help them to recognize you and match the not to your face.

  1. Make each note unique

If you are to send several thank-you notes, then don`t copy then, write each one from a scratch. Each note is to be unique and original.

  1. Don`t forget about proofreading!

When you have already written your note, don`t forget about proofreading. Check all mistakes, including language and grammar ones. You can also ask someone to have a look on your note and advice you something.

Writing a thank-you email is an important step which can surely help you make good relationships with your future employer. It will show your real ambitions and plans. So it`s better to start beforehand to get desirable results.