10 Incredible Party Themes for University Life

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A lot of people say that years, spent in college or university, were the best in their life. Do you think it is like that because of endless classes, assignments, tests, and exams or tiring searching where to buy essay or get help with your homework? Of course, not – it is all about partying. Visit college or university parties should be in you "to-do" list, even if you are not much into them. What is more, try to organize your own fun evening – it is an incredible experience.

If you are already champing at the bit to party on the weekends, we have great ideas for you to make your day-offs unforgettable!

Karaoke Party


Ths kind of party is extremely simple to organize, as you do not need any special decorations, costumes or equipment. You do not even have to bring karaoke machine to your house, as you can find the one online. All you need to bring the house down is enough alcohol and a couple of tone deaf friends for amusement.

Blacklight Grafitti


Just stock your house with blacklights, highlighters (better washable) and ask your guests to wear white T-shirts. Give some time to your friends for scribbling and let the fun begin. Besides, a question “Can I write on you please?” is a good way to make new friends.

Party in Colours of Traffic Light


Do you have a lot of single friends? Then this one is perfect for you. Guests wear clothes of a certain colour, which shows their relationship status. Red means “in relationships”, yellow – “it’s complicated”, green – “single”.

Masquerade Party


 It is a great choice for the college party, as it is a blend of various themes. It is also convenient for guest, as they can be whatever they want. That is a good way to show your creativity and surprise everyone with an amazing costume.

Seven Deadly Sins


Do you want it to be an evening of masquerade? This theme will impress everybody. Get the hell of a party with envy, sloth, greed, pride, wrath, gluttony and lust. Just ask your friend to dress as one of the deadly sins and enjoy the devilish party. Praise the person with the best costume with free drinks

Party in Mexican Style


Ask your friend to wear ponchos and sombreros, play mariachi music and offer tequila shots. Such party will be the memorable one for some guests, while others will not be able to remember it!

Party on the Beach


We do not even have to explain this one. Still, if you cannot go to the beach, bring it to your house! Get some inflatable pools, put them around the house, buy cold beer and ask your friends to wear swimming suits.

Foam Party


It is quite expensive but worth its money! If you know where to get foam machine at an affordable price, just do it! Cover the floor in foam and watch your guests having fun on the slippery floor. It is even better if they wear swimming suits.

Toga Party


One of the oldest party themes and all students should visit at least one of such entertainments, while in college. What is the costume? Just cover your shoulders with a bed sheet, put on sandals, and you are ready. Serve red wine and grapes to your guests to make it perfect.

Science Fiction Party


This one is good is your friends are fond of science fiction books and movies. Make it all about UFOs, spaceships, aliens, and costumes for an incredible evening! It will be great to gather different famous characters under one roof.