Is This The Way You Write Essays? Too Bad

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5 Hoax Signs You’re Doing Your Essay Wrong

Writing copious amounts of essays and reports from term to term is enraging. It destroys all the good attitude you have towards the studies and puts it to sleep. You become so tired to write another opinion essay or literature review that you can put your whole performance at risk without even taking notice of this. Hence, in order not to get into trouble, here are five glaring markers indicating your essay writing is on the downward path, so you could take precautions right on time.

Sign 1: You Prefer YouTube Cats to Serious and Determined Writing

Modern students use computers to type their academic masterpieces, but computers also have the Internet – the ultimate time-taker and attention-waster. Memes, rage comics, fails, photobombs, cats, funny animals, social networks – all that Web stickum robs you of your time and deprives of attention. As a result, you find yourself in the middle of the night with a blank sheet of paper in the text editor.

Solution: Mind your p’s and q’s and concentrate on essay writing. You’ll check out new videos later, when the job is done.

Sign 2: You Procrastinate So Hard You’re Almost Fallen Asleep

When you come home after classes, you have that feeling of dizziness and fatigue. You find so many other things to do rather than sit and put a finger on that book review of yours. You basically are ready to dust the entire apartment up and vacuum-clean it in order to linger the moment of getting down to work. As a matter of fact, procrastination demolished bazillions of solid essays and endangered gazillions of student academic performances. Therefore, you have to grow up already and do what you have to do.

Solution: Be an adult. We do not always do what we want to do. Most usually we do what we must do. Plus, the sooner you deal with your essay, the sooner you could have a rest.

Sign 3: You Put Your Essay Off Till Tomorrow

You know the proverb but still do exactly the opposite. Being too tired, too exhausted and too bored (which is the sign of your weakness), you decide to put your essay in some cold storage. Consequently, you forget about it and recall only when it’s too late agonizing to come up with at list a straight-C work. Now tell yourself, who in the world does that to himself? A lazy bone, perhaps, or an 80th level coach potato who had been sacked out of college and ended up in pizza delivery.

Solution: Time and tide wait for no man, so pluck up your courage and do the work today, if you can, for tomorrow there will be more work, and you know that.

Sign 4: You Seek Writing Assistance on the Sly

At first, you try to surf the Web in search of a piece of writing with some similar topic you can afterwards re-write. After you come to realize that will take time too, you call a friend. She’s too busy and doesn’t want to write any more essays, so you proceed to calling an essay writing service asking for help. Well, the last variant might work out, and you could get a brand-new essay spending only 5 minutes to place an order, but that’s in case your agency is credible. What, if it is not? You get into trouble.

Solution: Try to cope with your assignments on your own. Being box-clever pays off, it really does, but the head on your shoulders must be really good and cold to huddle the job through.

Sign 5: You’d Rather Catch Cold than Write an Essay

Now that’s the gravest symptom of I-don’t-want-to-write-any-essay malady. Instead of putting your wits together and spending three-four hours to write a nice essay you try to get ill, to pretend you’re ill, slip the classes hoping tomorrow you’ll have the whole day to do an essay. However, tomorrow the story repeats and you missed the entire day of classes, and it all turns into one lurking round robin of a cunning student. But eventually your conspiracy ends badly, it always does.

Solution: Once again, grown up finally and learn to be a responsible individual. Because, if you pull a trick like that at a job, you’ll be kicked out. Now round up with the Internet and proceed to writing your essay. Come again, when done.