How to wake up and feel ready to kick off your day

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How to Wake Up Feeling Motivated

Everyone must have experienced the time they never want to leave the bed. Unfortunately, the snooze from the alarm clock won’t stop yelling while you keep trying to hit the button.

Hit it all you want but that’s not a good way to start your morning. Research has it that the world’s most successful people have a great morning routine.

Yes, that is it! A great morning routine, getting your morning started right goes a long way to determine how the rest of your day will play out. See some tips for building a good morning routine.


The reality is that your morning turns out to have its roots to what preparations you made the night before. It’s advisable to always prepare at night so your morning can be smooth. For example, you can write down all your worries for the day and assign a time when you will take care of them. This way you can ease off to sleep. Depending on what you are going to be doing the next day, it’s important to get some items you will require in the morning ready. If you are going to school, you could take out your uniform and pack your school bag. One more thing that is important is writing out a “to do” list of your day. So you go to bed relaxed knowing you have everything covered. I bet you will wake up feeling great.


A very important requirement for getting a good morning routine is getting a good sleep at night. The truth is if you do not get a good night sleep and if your body is not well-rested then be sure to have a crappy day. Usually, for adults, 7-8 hours sleep is good enough, though it depends. Ensure your room has the lights darken and free from any noise. Research shows people sleep better in a quiet and dark room. Try to keep away from any worries or disturbing thoughts. When you sleep well you can rest assured you will have a good morning.


Most people are used to steal some few more minutes of sleep every day by continuously hitting the snooze button of your alarm bell. Well, this is no good for you as a few more minutes won’t really do your body any good. So, when you wake up the first time the bell rang, try to stay up. This way your body starts functioning on a go, it will help give you a great morning.


Trying to rush through things and ending up forgetting something important is not a great way to start a day. To avoid this, all you have to do is to wake your ass up earlier. When you wake up early, you have time to finish all you have to do and have a nice breakfast. When you wake up early, you avoid yourself having to rush out your door.


Set out a plan for your day and stick to it. First, you need to know that having some form of physical exercise is very good for your body and, also, helps kick-start your day. You may go for a little jogging, walking, cooking, taking your dog for a walk, riding your bike, picking up your morning snack and so on. If you intend to read some educational book - do so or maybe you will like to tackle the crosswords on the paper. Keeping your body and mind up and running is a perfect way to having a very great day.


It has been said many times by the medical experts that taking a cup of water in the morning helps kick start your body metabolism. Come to think of it! You just went straight seven or eight hours without food or water, I am pretty sure your body craves for it. So do not rush to the coffee just yet, start with a cup of water and then grab a seat and reflect on your day. I suggest this is a good time to have the coffee. Relieving yourself of worries and focusing your energy on the things you want to achieve for the day will go a long way to ensure your morning routine and even your entire day turn out good.


Hearing the voice of a friend or a loved one is a good way to jump-start your day. There is a certain energy you can derive from just hearing about how they slept and what their plans for the day will be like. Smile and be thankful for life and go about your day feeling strong and sharp.