Most Useful Apps for Students

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The survey shows that about 75% of students use smartphones and tablets to improve their academic performance, and approximately 62 % of undergraduates feel more confident if they use mobile apps to prepare for class. Here is the list of best applications, which make your studies much easier and pleasant.

Evernote: free at Android, Windows, and Apple Watch


This app is useful for students, who make notes all the time. It is great for time management, as you can take notes, create agenda, to-do lists, attach files and set reminders. The limit of storage for free users is 60 MB per month.

Dropbox Mobile: free, Android, Windows, iOS


Students save, send and receive a lot of files, photos, and videos so that Dropbox is perfect for those, who want to storage all information in one secure place. You have an opportunity to save up to 2 GB of information and share it with your classmates and friends in an efficient way. Moreover, pay your attention to Dropbox Paper – project that allows many users to edit the same file.

EasyBIb: free, iOS, Android


EasyBib is your helper in the part of writing a research paper, which takes a lot of time – the bibliography. This app knows more than 7,000 citation styles, and it helps you to save the time, spent on formatting. All you need is to enter the title of the book and choose needed citation style. With this app you don't have to buy custom essays anymore.

Microsoft Office Mobile: free, iOS, Android, Widows


Students need to create papers, edit them and share all the time so that having Microsoft Office in your pocket. One more advantage is that you can start doing your homework, even if you are away from home.

Mint: free, Android, iOS


They say that students live on a shoestring budget and do not have much money. And they are right. Why? That happens because students do not know how to manage their budget. If that sounds familiar to you, Mint app is your must have. It will help you to control expenses and spent your money wisely.

Tiny Scanner: free on iOS and Android


This app is a quick and easy way to send your hand-written notes to you classmates. Use your camera to take pictures and convert them into PDF format with the help of Tiny Scanner.

Vocabulary Builder from Magoosh: free, iOS, Android


This app is good for preparation for SAT, TOEFLor GRE. You can enlarge your vocabulary, quiz yourself and learn 1,200 most useful words, chosen by experts. Moreover, you can challenge yourself in battle with a random user.

Quizlet: free on Android and iOS


Download this app and use thousands of flashcards, created by another user. You can entertain yourself or train your memory in the form of multiple choice test with Quizlet.

PhotoMath: free, Windows, Android, iOS


PhotoMath was created to stop student’s suffering from endless math’s tasks. Just use your camera, point it out to the math problem and you will see not only the final answer but also the step-by-step explanation. Although it cannot solve complicated tasks, but a fraction, logarithm, decimal and linear are easy for it.

Coffitivity: free, Android, iOS


Sometimes it is hard to concentrate in a silent library or in quite a room and but listening to your own music is too distracting? There is a solution. Download Coffitivity and dive into the background noise of cafeteria, which makes you so productive.

Indeed Job Search: Windows, iOS, Android


This free easy-to-use app helps students to find a job. All you need is to create a resume and apply for the position, which seems to be suitable for you.