Step-by-step Guide on Successful eBay Marketing

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How to Make Real Money on eBay: Top 5 Selling Tips

Selling some stuff on the e-Bay platform is a good way for students to earn some extra money. No matter whether you are going to sell some unnecessary things or even set up own mini marketing business – eBay will always be a great option.

Taking into account all your plans and intentions, it is better first to practice a bit to be aware of all eBay tricks to get the most from this platform and succeed with your selling process. So, here are some essential tips for those who want to become eBay bosses and make big money from it.

Think Twice Before Selling

If you want to become a real marketing pro, you should develop analytical and critical thinking. No matter what the item it is – your new shoes which turned out to be out of your size, old comic books or something else – you should think before posting them on eBay.

At first, you may have a feeling to sell anything just to earn money. Don’t rush – all things you are going to sell need to be in a good working condition or else you will gain bad reputation and low ranking from the first eBay experience, which is basically the worst start for everyone using this platform.

If you cannot decide what to sell to get quick money, check “the most popular item” on eBay. All the hottest wanted and mostly viewed products are presented there. Maybe, you have something like that to sell. You should also think seasonally. There are less chances that somebody will buy sunglasses when it is super frosty and snowy outside.

Polish Your Profile Before You Start Selling Items

Everything is not so easy as it seems to be. Customers are looking for reliable and trustworthy salesman. So, before you start your eBay business, work on your profile carefully. It would be a great idea for you to be a buyer first, just to have an eBay history. Even if you are buying some small items, pay for them carefully and leave the feedback concerning your purchase. It will surely help you to build up your buyer rating and the e-Bay history as the whole.

One more important step here is to choose your username. Keep in mind that it will affect your business running as well.

Take Good Photos for Your Advertisement

A decent photo of your item adds to the overall impression of your advertisement. All customers are attracted mostly by the item representation. So, top-quality and nice photos will only catch their attention.

If there are also some other components to the item, take some photos of them too to show everything as it is.

Of course, you don’t need to have a professional camera with all the equipment to take photos for the eBay profile, just use the macro-mode and autofocus, so that your shots are clear. Natural daylight will the nest option for taking your photos.

You should also keep in mind that the limit of photos you can download to your account for free at one time is 12 items.

Take Great Pains to Give the Best Description of Your Product

The golden rule for any business is to grab customers` attention and make them curios in what you are doing. Maybe the most difficult task while selling something online is to give a proper description of the item which is about to be sold. Take some time to do it well, as a good description really contributes greatly to the process.

eBay system provides users with the opportunity to have up to 55 characters in your title. It would be great for you to use the space fully. Use some keywords, which will make it easy to find this or that advertising product.

Here are some rules you should follow while giving your item title and description:

Avoid using caps and different symbols as it seems not professional.
Avoid typical spelling mistakes.
Make your description as clear and informative as possible.
Get to know words from eBay acronym world and use them in your description.
Be honest concerning some problems and defects your selling item has.
You may also specify the reason of selling your item and how much time you used it.

Use PayPal for Online Payments

Among all payment systems online available now, this one seems to be the safest and the most frequently chosen by people. So, promote PayPal payments while doing your business on the eBay platform. Yes, it charges a specific amount of money for transactions, but still we strongly recommend you to use PayPal. It is secure, and nobody will think of your business as a scam.

Be sure to succeed with your mini eBay business by following these few easy steps. Combine something useful with profitable – get rid of unnecessary things and make some extra money.