Spending Time with People Who Like the Same, What Can Be Better

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Why is it interesting to join the university sport team or society?

Congratulations on entering the university! It opens new possibilities for you and new things to discover. You stay in the door of new interesting, full of fun life. So, what should you expect from university life?

Of course, many of you are afraid of lots of changes, but we will try to tell you more about this new path in your life. Some of you may miss your football team, but this doesn`t mean you can`t join the one being at university. We will tell you more how to go in for sport at university and get into the team. Are you ready?

The fresher`s fair

You will surely visit the fresher`s fair, where you can get stationery and bags for free. What is more, you will be welcomed to sports and society fair, and this is something you can`t miss! Here you will get the list of all clubs and sections, when and where they take place. In addition, you will learn much about campus life.

Everyone can find something among sport clubs and societies. They vary from cheese club to Harry Potter. If you haven`t found something that fulfills your tastes, then you can easily gather your friends and create your own club. Universities encourage new interesting ideas. It may seem difficult to join a club, but it`s really not. Sport teams accept everyone, with all levels of ability. The main thing is to love and enjoy what you do, and to make new friends.

Benefits of joining the university club or society

Here`s the list of advantageous sides of joining the society:

  • Increase of your social opportunities. If you join the club, you will surely make the circle of your acquaintances bigger, except your groupmates and roommates. Moreover, you will communicate with people who share the same interests with you, the same tastes, and you are likely to find new friends there. In addition, each club organizes own social events and even some common trips. If we speak about some sport clubs, then competitions with other universities are on regular basis and you will travel a lot.
  • Developing new skills. If you are a sport club member, then you will surely get new personal skills which will be good while looking for a job. Here we speak about time-management, problem-solving, teamwork. You have lots of chances to join the committee or volunteer as all clubs are led by students. This will also play in favor of your CV.
  • Find a balance. Going into sports is great for your health and body. Moreover, it can help you relieve stress and boost your brain. You should balance your studying and training, don`t be blocked by studying only.

You should join the club which you like most of all, where you can have some rest and enjoy what you are doing. All information on clubs you can find on the university website. Even if you are asked to pay entering fee (for facilities), remember that this is a useful investment.