Make a wise choice of a dress for the interview without breaking the bank

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How to Dress for a Job Interview - on a Budget
There is no secret that going for an interview creates a lot of anxiety, you are not sure what kind of questions the interviewer may throw at you, you are scared whether you look good enough or well-dressed. Though the main focus is usually on your credentials, your appearance does matter. The first impression your interviewer gets about you can go a long way to affect the result of the interview.
So you definitely want to look professional and confident in what you wear. Getting a perfect outfit is usually not an easy task, especially, if you are buying new clothes and you also have to deal with buying what won’t cost you a fortune. You want to get an outfit that you are comfortable in and show your self-confidence.
Investing in suites always come in handy, usually presenting you in a formal corporate style. As most job positions require this form of professional look. For example finance, accounting, banking, sales management and insurance. Generally, a suite will do for any interview except in cases when you are told otherwise.
Depending on where you live, prices for a complete set of suit vary. Though, with respect to your budget you can just go for a jacket and try to combine it with a nice trousers and shoes. If you are in the US, you can actually invest as much as $79 for a complete set of a suit and in the UK you be looking at around 58 euros.
For men, it’s always rare for a combination of black or brown leather lace up shoes to go wrong. If you already own a pair, make sure they do not look worn out so get some polish and keep them shinning.
When it comes to women, the first thing to be aware of is avoid showing too much cleavage and stay away from short skirts. Skirts slightly below your knee come highly recommended because you do not want to make a wrong impression about your level of professionalism. Such colors as pink, red, purple and orange are usually too bright. You can get a lovely color shirt underneath your jacket and for heels keep them low. Depending on how confident you are, a low heel works perfectly.
Very important for you to take some time to research on the dress culture of your prospective employer so you have an idea of what to wear and how to keep it moderate. Always remember its always best to be too dressed than the opposite. Every employer certainly will appreciate if you take some time to look good for an interview.

Smart dresses

One thing I have learned over time is that a smart dress will always come through for you anytime. Making a smart choice when deciding on what to wear for an interview can improve your chances of landing the job. Colors like blue, gray, black, navy make the best choices. Other colors can still make this lot but a good sense of a combination of colors is critical here also. Always consider the weather and environmental conditions when making a choice of clothes to wear. For colder temperatures do well to get warmer clothes.
Usually, ladies could worry what kind of bag they need to carry. Just keep it simple and classy. It is important that you can put all necessary documents in your bag. As mentioned earlier try combining colors, for example, if you already putting on a black dress then try a different color of the bag. The idea is presenting you as prepared and comfortable as much as possible.

Dos and Don’ts to remember when deciding what to wear to an interview

• Be yourself – Any interviewer will be looking to see the real you and this becomes a problem when what you wear shows different.
• Please stay off too much perfume, aftershave, jewelry and makeup.
• Keep your hair well combed or brushed. Ensure your nails are clean and avoid bright nail polish.
• Don’t wear shoes you’re uncomfortable in
• Put some personality into your attire without being too obvious.
• Keep away from Denim or leather except for shoes.
• Pay attention to your body language, keep the eye contact, and smile when it’s necessary. Ensure you are confident without being arrogant.