Learn some main sad words and phrases in English

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There are a lot of beautiful words and phrases in the English language that can make us experience the positive emotions and feelings. However, there are also unhappy words that can cause the opposite effect. Some words can even change our life forever. Let`s find out what these words are that make us feel sad.


You will be certainly surprised why such beautiful and positive word is in this list of sad expressions. Of course, love can evoke the most fulfilling emotions and feelings if it is mutual. However, if your love is unrequited your heart can be broken. It hurts to love somebody and not be loved in return. It is the worst if it takes a lifetime to forget a person you love.



The word ‘terminal’ has the negative meaning when used in a medical context. A terminal disease or illness causes death and can`t be cured. A patient can pass away in a short period of time. It will certainly happen regardless of treatment. Such severely ill patient is usually called terminally ill, terminal or a terminal patient.


‘Lonely’ is another sad word in this list. When somebody is lonely, he or she is unhappy because they are alone and don`t belong in a particular place or don`t have friends. You can also feel lonely because someone very important to you is not there with you.


Sometimes ‘goodbye’ can be the saddest word. We say goodbye all the time, but we never know which one is the last. It can be very difficult to say farewell to our friends, parents or loved ones. We just can`t cope with our emotions in such touching moments of our life

If only

We usually use the expression ‘if only’ in order to express our strong wish that things could be quite different. It can express our wistful regrets. For example, ‘If only I had listened to you’, ‘If only I had done it in a right way’.



The word ‘melancholy’ has nothing positive in its meaning. It can be a sadness that lasts for a long period of time or a habitual depression. A melancholic person has a gloomy state of mind and contemplates deeply.

What party?

‘What party?’ can be the saddest question in the English language. This party can be the one you were not invited to. It is very disappointing to find out that you are not expected to be somewhere.

It might have been

We usually use the phrase ‘it might have been’ to express our regret about something wishing to change it. Many moviemakers and writers use the concept of this expression to talk about the lifetime and our being.


If a person is heartbroken, he or she is crushed with sorrow or grief or is very sad and unhappy. A majority of us has experienced such feeling. It is often connected with the irreparable loss.

Back to school

‘Back to school’ is the saddest phrase you can hear from the lips of most schoolchildren. Parents definitely love this word but most kids loathe. They are willing to do anything but just not return to that place again. It is just awful to wait at the bus stop early in the morning, write your essay or do a lot of homework.


Should have

The phrase ‘should have’ expresses our bitterest regret. ‘I should have told him how much I loved him’, ‘I should have learnt this’, ‘I should have studied more’, ‘I should have done something really important in my life’.


This word describes somebody who has lost his enthusiasm and confidence to do something really difficult. You can feel discouraged when you receive a lot of criticism or when something is just not going as you planned.