How to Choose: Study for Benefit or for Love

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For many young people question “what direction to give preference to at university” is a complex solution. Very often, ambitious students are torn between the desire to build a career or to be engaged in the activity, that may not be very promising in terms of profit, but the dearest one to heart. Whose side are you on? Let us consider both viewpoints and find the answers to this question.

Our modern world calls the shots which are difficult, if almost impossible, not but to obey. It is money, not a person’s inner calling, that decides on the future occupation. That is why young people think of the profession not from the perspective of the talent or unique abilities, but on the part of investor who expects a healthy return form a huge deal.
On the second thought, there is a grain of truth in this approach. Just imagine, to study at university, one should shell out quite a lot. The issue is about dozens of thousands dollars per academic year. It is natural that a person should want these expenses to be paid off.
Pretty often having chosen what a student is passionate about, he or she can’t find an appropriate, well-paid practice for their knowledge. If you, for example, is fond of playing the guitar or sewing, it does not necessarily mean that these activities correspond to your career goals. Therefore, while deciding on a particular course at university, think twice. Are you sure that these are the activities that will cater for your needs in the future?
On the other hand, only with true passion about labor, a person can have great success in life. It is not for nothing when people, who have achieved financial prosperity, renown and mental satisfaction, hold the view that if you love what you do, wealth will not be long in coming.
Maybe these are widely-accepted, conventional assumptions about prestigious professions alongside with pounds-shillings-and-pence viewpoints of our surroundings which muddle the brain of young people?
If you are talented in a definite sphere, why not develop this knack and make it a beneficial one? Just think, you put at stake your happiness. Is it well worth the effort?
As for me, the answer is apparent: I’d better follow my calling than everyday go to a hateful job. Now it is your turn to decide.