Check Out the Advantages of Being a Part-time Post-Graduate

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Benefits of getting part-time post-graduate degree
If you hesitate whether to take a part-time post-graduate course, then you shouldn`t as everything`s possible.

Moreover, this way has lots of benefits which will definitely fit your desires. Molly White, a blogger, has explained why this can be a good decision taking into consideration her own experience:
I began my part-time master`s in arts and cultural management last September. Since then I have been often asked about my schedule and whether I would recommend this to somebody. Frankly speaking, it can be challenging to manage all your obligations, but I can definitely recommend part-time studying. So, check the main benefits!

You have time to get useful experience along with studying

I have classes two days a week and it`s a big plus, as I have enough time to work and to study independently. I am responsible for managing communications for Student Hub, this is a charity organization that support social action in UK universities. This job is very important for me, as it helps me to reveal and use my practical skills. In addition, I improve management and marketing skills.
I work in a great team and we lead projects together in the afternoons, while I spend evening studying in a library. When I had my summer holidays, I volunteered much and got some useful experience in cultural organizations. This was very beneficial for my research work.

You have enough time for research work

I have lots of research interests and thanks to pert-time studying I have enough time to think well on the topic of my dissertation. I`m truly interested in cultural memory, the social impact of cultural activities, marketing management etc. I can study more each of the above and make a well-thought decision.

You are a part of an institution for several years

You have a great chance to build good relationships with your tutors and other people in your department during your part-time post-graduate studying. In addition, you have a longer access to research materials and other different forms of support.

You can live wherever you wish

Of course, it`s very convenient to live near your university and Students Hub office, but I feel better when I`m at home. I prefer to live in a countryside, I`m encouraged by fresh air in the countryside, by support of my parents. I`m lucky to have a work which I can manage remotely.
If you are looking for master`s degree studying which will take less money, you`d better check options which are closer to your home or choose less expensive cities.
One of the advantages of post-graduate experience is a chance to meet lots of new people, fellow students from countries across the world. The departments of my university attract students from China, France, Mexico, the US. So, I have a good opportunity to meet people with various cultural backgrounds and lots of work experience to share.
I have made lots of new acquaintances and I am going to keep in touch with them and share our knowledge.