You can Increase the Functionality of your Brain and Memory

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Useful tips to raise your brainpower

We all know that our brain consists of billions of nerve cells which are called neurons and they are active even when we sleep. Our brain needs much blood to function in a proper way.
Our brain is a very complex organ and scientist are still not sure of how much of its abilities people use. A lot of factors influence the effective work of our brain. The following influences affect the brain work:

• Stress. A little stress is good to motivate us to actions. Still long-term stress badly influences our brain and can cause some damage to it. Some post-traumatic disorder can cause changes in brain system, lead to mental problems. You have to control the level of stress and try to avoid it.
• Sleep. It`s obvious when your brain needs sleep, it cannot function at full speed. It won`t remember the information and be able to concentrate on some tasks. When your brain is sleepy, it can provoke you to unthought and risky decisions. This is very serious, so if you feel like going to bed in the evening, you`d better do this.
• Exercise. Your brain is a metabolic system, so to fill it with energy, you have to exercise. This also improves your long-term energy, cognitive performance, attention, quick decision-making and problem-solving. To make your brain work in the way you want, you need to train it.
Now let`s check the strategies which will help your brain to perform effectively.

Create comfortable environment

The first thing you have to remember is creating the right environment which will optimize the work of your brain. The research held by Cornell University shows that even temperature influences the work of our brain. The warmer, the better. When people feel cold, they are more likely to make mistakes.
Lightning also influences your brains work. Much artificial and dim light make you more stressed. Natural sunlight is the best for your brain to work at its full.
You should also pay attention to the objects that surround you. If you have happy photos, books, quotes next to you, they will provoke the desire to work better and you`ll think quickly.

Right level of distraction

If you think that you shouldn`t be distracted at all to concentrate on your task, then you are wrong. The latest research shows that noise of coffee spots favorably influences the work of your brain.

Listen to classical music

The researches show that music is able to improve your mood increasing the dopamine production in brain which is responsible for movement, happiness, emotions. You can improve your visual attention by listening classical music.

Look through cute photos

You may not believe, but looking on babies, whether human or animals, is good for the work of your brain. The research in Japan shows that this increases concentration on studying by 44%. While looking on babies you pay much attention to details and this makes you more attentive to your own tasks.

You can be bored sometimes

Nowadays it`s too difficult to be bored and stay alone, as even the Internet can entertain you good. People are not used to stay alone with their own thoughts and it`s unpleasant for them. You should allow yourself to be bored although it`s difficult with the era of Internet. When you feel bored, you become more creative, you can use your creativity at full, you can open your talents. This concerns everyone, especially writers. When you have nothing to do, then you can think better and create something really special.

Get focused on one task

Your thought that you can do multiple tasks at once is surely wrong, as you just split your brain between different task, and can`t concentrate on one to complete everything in the proper way. The researches show that people who do several tasks at once are even worse than those who do nothing.

Eat needed food

What you eat also influences the work of your brain, so you should include superfoods to your ration. Such products as salmon, avocados, eggs, dark chocolate, yoghurt, green tea are very good to boost your brain.
You should also avoid food that slows the work of your brain. Eat less turkey, donuts, spicy food, fried food, as this all decrease the productivity of your brain.

Enjoy the nature

Taking a walk among trees can increase your short-term memory by 20% and this is proved by researchers. Enjoying the nature views will make your attention better.


You can increase the size of your brain by meditation. 2000 studies prove the influence of meditation on focused attention and memory. This also helps to cope with anger, depression and fear.

Write to-do-lists

It`s good to create to-do-lists not to forget to complete some tasks, but this also makes you remember what you have to do. The scientists claim that we can accurately then remember things. And the memories we recall are collected with the last emotions you had while recalling this or that event.

Take a nap

Not everyone has enough sleep at night, in this case taking a nap is a good idea. Those who sleep 25 minutes during the day are more alert and focused. If you take a 90-minutes nap, then you will improve your memory.
You can teach your brain to work effectively on you. You can adapt it to everything, the only thing is your personal desire.