What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Greek Life

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Greek Life on Campus: All Pros and Cons

It goes without saying that university life brings a lot of new things and interesting experiences for students, especially when they live at campus and know what the Greek Life is. When students choose to join fraternity or sorority, they are given a golden opportunity to taste how independent organizations can be managed being not connected to any educational institute. Some people consider such organizations to be a window of opportunities and first steps to the adult world. In some other words, this teaches students to get to know the real world and see what is waiting for them after college.

However, some people have a wrong image about Greek life. Sometimes it is portrayed like the organization with some extreme behaviors and strict rules. So, the truth is somehow spoilt by rumors.

By reading this article, you will get to know everything about the nature of Greek life with all the pros and cons of having such community on student campus. To be honest, student who are joining this Greek community should be ready for many adventures, as well as the opportunities which are waiting for them there. So, this article is also aimed to give you a clear view of everything what is going on there and make a good decision.

The Pros of the Greek Life on Campus

  • The primary ideal is noble
    Of course, the goal of Greek life varies depending on the organization, while the primary aim remains the same. These communities which consist of undergraduate members try to create strong internal connections, where all the relationships last for a long time. Strong professional connections – this is the aim of these organizations. Many of the deal done by members has only positive impacts. The bonds they are creating help other students to be great in their future careers. Each fraternity or sorority has own rules and regulations, where they meet together to promote loyalty. During their meetings, they all try to build a culture of friendship, where everybody is a ‘sister’ or ‘brother’.
  • Strong connections with the alumni
    Even after your graduation, you will not completely lost your connection with the Greek house. Greek life always teaches the students to come back to their origins, so the alumni graduates usually keep in touch with each other and respect all their “sisters” and “brothers”. They also come back to guide young students in their career path. For these reasons, many students are willing to join such communities right after becoming a student of university. Having some strong connections with successful people and professionals always gives you a little bit more optimism and confidence.
  • Leadership and cooperation
    Leadership skills and skills of working in a team as well are always in demand. So, if you want to gain or improve them, the Greek life community will be a perfect place for it. There is a strong hierarchy of membership within the organization. There are even democratic processes of the president election. It means that each member has equal rights to get a leader position. This also teaches students to cooperate together, respect each other and care about well-being.
  • Charity work
    These organizations are widely recognized thanks to their charity work among young students. So, they make a great advantage to the entire society by helping people who need it. There are special organized groups who are responsible for charity work among the whole community.
  • Sense of community
    If you are a member of Greek community, be sure to get to know for real what is the feeling of belonging to the community. It influences students` mental and physical health. It is very important for students to know how to communicate with people not only by using social networks. These organizations are not only about meetings and hierarchies. They know how to have fun and enjoy their life. Spending time with people is one of the biggest advantages of these organizations. There are many parties and events where you can meet lots of people and socialize with them.

The Cons of the Greek Life on Campus

  • Balance between education and membership
    You should know how to manage your time effectively, as fraternities and sororities require maximum demands and engagement from their members. If you are a member of any community, you should respect and follow their rules and to be an active participant. The responsibilities that comes with your joining the group should be always taken into account while timing.
  • Certain social limitations
    Sometimes being a member of sorority or fraternity, you can have limited circle of friends, which consists only of the group mates. In other words, the community members always ignore and disregard other students even if they have some free time.
  • Rush
    Actually, the majority of sororities and fraternities have this “rush” process at the beginning of each academic year. This happens when the new members should be chosen. This selection process is usually looks like just visiting each Greek house and having conversations with all representatives. Sometimes students just jump into their decisions without thinking too much. If you join the wrong house, it will soon lead you to some despair and unhappiness. You will feel that you don’t belong to the certain community. This move can turn your experience into a horrible one.
  • The illusion of power
    Of course, there exist many stereotypes and rumors concerning Greek communities. There can be some parties with the alcohol and pranks, what will get the admiration from other students but the disapproval from the university authorities. Such behavior can easily damage the integrity of the whole campus and lead to some bad consequences after all.

In general, these are some common features of the Greek life on campus. It is important for students to get to know what it is and what they should expect from joining there.