Activities that Help Students to Chill

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Stress is in the life of every person, and student’s life in particular. Numerous classes, assignments, test, exam and social life make it extremely hard for students to cope with stressful situations. That is why it is so important to find the most suitable way to relax, rest from the hard workday and enjoy life.

We recommend you to try the complex of exercises to reduce the stress and make you more productive in the course of studies.

Deep Breathing Exercise (Belly Breathing)


This technique helps to relax in a couple of minutes. Just stand or sit comfortably. Inhale through nostrils deep and slowly, and exhale through the mouth. Imagine you are blowing a balloon during breathing. Repeat this exercise 10 times.

Progressive Relaxation (Deep Muscle Relaxation)


This exercise will help you to relax and release different muscle groups. Sit or lay down on the floor. You should do next things:

  • Raise your eyebrows;
  • Frown;
  • Close your eyes tightly;
  • Open mouth and eyes widely;
  • Stretch your arms in front of you and close fists;
  • Bend elbows;
  • Lift shoulders;
  • Round your back.

Do each exercise for 5 seconds.

Simple Meditation


An excellent exercise to reduce the stress of time-consuming assignments. Sit on the chair or the floor closes your eyes and make few deep breaths. Open your eyes and rotate your head in circles. Put your arms on knees and close your eyes. Meditate for 2 minutes and repeat the exercise from the very beginning.

Visual Imagery

The perfect way to relax and visualize your dreams. It comfortably or lay down on the front or bet, closes your eyes and visualizes enjoyable picture. Try to make the image as bright and realistic as possible. Continue this exercise for 10-20 minutes, and then you may get back to work.

Co-Listening (Peer Sharing)

This activity is good for sharing your thoughts and ideas. Find a friend, whom you can trust and practice this exercise with him or her. It will give you an opportunity to express your thoughts, talk about your feelings at the moment, find solutions to important problems. Moreover, you will also learn how to listen to partner.

Animal Charades

Gather a company of friends, write names of animals on small papers, put them in the hat and ask each person to choose one card. Later on, turn on enjoyable background music and begin the game. You will reduce the stress and have a lot of fun while playing.

Silent Ball

This game is effective for students of elementary school. If they are too loud ask them to play this activity. No one could make a sound, they stand in wherever they want and start throwing the ball to each other. The person, who is not able to catch the ball, gets out of the game.

Movement To Music Free Down

One more game, which is perfect for elementary school students. All of them are dancing while the music is on, as soon as music stop, children should freeze. Those students, who move, lose the game. The activity continues until one person is left on the “dancefloor”.

Paper Mosaic

Find pictures of different animals, such as elephant, tiger, cat dog etc., bring them to class and show to children. Hand out pieces of stone or glass to them, and ask children to repeat the mosaic.

Such easy and engaging activities will not only help students to relax and rest after studying, but also entertain them and make their mood much better. Try to bring them to life and share your experience at our website.