10 Things You May Do Just Now That Finals Are Over

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We all know that student life is not so sweet and cool as it seems at first glance. Typical students can spend all their precious time in the libraries preparing for the final test or examination. Sleepless nights, three or four review sessions, long days, no time to relax and all these poor sacrifices only for the sake of a good grade in order to pass the whole class. Does it sound very weird? There are so many important things you couldn’t do during these hard weeks, so we give you an incredible opportunity to complete them all now!


  1. Hope you did everything well

Always keep in mind that you’ve passed the exams perfectly and don’t get stuck on it as they say: “work hard, play hard!”. Allow your brain to relax, don’t swell it with uneasiness, confusion and regret. Waiting for the final grade is a nervous process but still keep calm and think first of all about your health.

  1. Relieve the stress with the coloring book

Coloring book is a kind of anti-stress that’ll help you to repose after the difficult day. There is nothing better than to color a pig green or a cat yellow. If these pictures turn into something like this, don’t worry, that’s okay.

  1. Go somewhere to eat something tasty

Say goodbye to the dining hall and its bottomless salads, unsold soups and mystery meat. Start again eating mom’s the most delicious smashed or even fried potatoes, favorite pasta with mushrooms and cheese and a huge juicy chicken!

  1. Sleep in your own bad

Just imagine sweet dreams in your favorite bad at home, what could be better. Why should you spend the sleepless nights in an uncomfortable twin xl that has been slept a lot of people?  Remember, healthy dream is always a guarantee of the productive and successful work.

  1. Go to the beach or pool

Nothing so calms like a rest near the water! Spend some of the warm days near the river, sea or even pool to swim in the fresh and pure water. That way you will be able to easily reduce the stress and everything outside will seem better. Don’t miss a great chance to play volleyball in the pool with friends or just lay on the hot sand at the beach.

  1. Cry when thinking of the fact that you’re jobless

It’s almost the end of the semester and you’ve already spent all your savings on food, clothes, entertainments, tuition, rent and now your wallet is empty. Nobody wants to work, but you need some money for the living, so it’s time to get off your coach and start looking for the job.

  1. Indulge in your favorite movies or series

When the semester is over, it’s time to gather together with the friends or family and watch some interesting movie. My recommendations, buy or cook some goodies to make this evening or day really unforgettable.

  1. Sell textbooks to make money

Why do you save unnecessary books if you can easily sell them back to the school’s bookstore? That way you may earn a few bucks, at the same time, discard the unwanted clutter from your room.

  1. Move out

Time to pack up all the party outfits that you wore every weekend and clothes that haven’t be touched at all. Take away all the stuff you brought last August, all decorations and the trash laying on the floor. Say goodbye because it’s time to leave everything until the next semester!

  1. Thank professors and classmates

Express your sincere thanks to all professors for instructive lessons and the high grades. Say also “thanks” to your classmates for unforgettable semester and sleepless nights spent together.

Admit that this semester was a perfect one and be happy that you’ve done it. All exams, classes, tests, grades and other pointless problems are already behind. So, a few months of fun holidays are waiting for you!